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Single pill press handheld TDP-0 pill making machine

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Single pill press handheld TDP-0 pill making machine can be made into a pill by using a set of pill stamp dies.

Single Pill Press Handheld TDP-0 pill making machine can be made into a pill by using a set of pill stamp dies.

How to install pill dies? 

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TDP - 0 Tablet Press Machine Technical Parameters


1.5 Kn

Max. Dia of Tablet

12 mm

Max. Thickness

6 mm

Max. Depth of Filling

16 mm

Production Capacity

40-60 pcs/min


24 KG

Overall Size

300 mm * 190 mm * 480 mm


The machine is a manual type single punch tablet press machine.

Only one pair of punching die can be erected on this press. Both filling depth of material and thickness of tablet are adjustable.
It can punches round tablets less than 12mm.

The weight of the press machine is only 24 kg, It has small volume light weight, easy to carry, this single press machine applicable to trial manufacturing in lab or batch production in small-batch of tablets, catalysts, sugar tablets, Calcium tablets, Coffee tablets, Powder metallurgical, Electronic elements and various tablets of pesticide and fertilizer. etc..

Motor is not needed, so it is suitable for any remote areas, it is good for energy saving, reducing carbon emissions.A lot of the branded vitamin tablets on the high street have unnecessary additives and supplements that you just don't need. This press allows you to mix the vitamins and supplements that you require for your exact diet and convert them into convenient pills.

Maybe you are considering setting up a small business selling vitamin, weight loss, or herbal tablets. If so this is the right press for you. It is able to produce up to 2400~3600 tablets per hour, using a maximum presser of 1.5  KN (depending on model).

It will run for hours continuously producing identical tablets time after time, giving your business a professional look.


1. The main body of this machine is the gantry-type made by carbon steel. The main spindle junction with the partial core gear and the cam. The rocker arm and the hand shank are on the right of the spindle. When turn the main spindle by manual, then it can cause the partial core gear, cam, lifting poker, feeder to turn, do different lifting movement.

2. The process of this machine is:
A. feeding material;
B. punching the tablets;
C. ejecting tablets.
These are the three procedures are working continually. Each program can be adjusted, suitable for all kinds of tablets to forming.

3. R & D will find this press useful as it can hold from as little as 2 grams of raw powder and you can produce one tablet at a time using the hand crank function.  

4. The fine features of this machine are small volume light weight, attractive appearance, compact structure,simple operation, extensive use, easy to carry and so on. But it is also can make all kinds of tablet by usingdifferent types of die.

5. The TDP-0 can provide many different uses, Including:
1) Small or Large scale production, as this press can be hand-operated as well as mechanically, you can produce single tablets for a sample before you start producing larger batches. Only one pair ofpunching dies can be erected on this press at a time.
2)  Both filling depth of material and thickness of tablet are adjustable.
3) Turning different kinds of granular raw materials into a variety of different tablets.


Lubricating oil should be coated in lubricating points and surface every time before operating the press.

when finished a batch of production, should take out the remainder powder or grain, and sweeps and cleans the residual powder within any parts in the machine and apply pharmaceutical grade grease.

If the press is not in use for more than one week, then should remove the punch and die, and wipe the machine clean up, and apply pharmaceutical grade grease or white lithium grease on the smooth surface of components, then put it in the Container with a cover.


1. It is prohibited to place hands underneath the upper and middle moulds to avoid personal injury.
2. It is required to make materials into particles before tablet pressing based on the technique.
3. The quipment must be fixed to the work table when it on operation.

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Handheld TDP-0

TDP-0 Single Pill Press

TDP-0 pill making machine

TDP-0 specifics

TDP0 specifics

TDP-0 parameter

Weight 1000001.0000
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